FELIDAE (Michael Schaack, 1994)

I never once expected to get what came out of “Felidae”, a German animated film directed by Michael Schaack which, in this humble reviewer’s opinion, may in fact be one of the most original films made in the 1990s; an animated film covering a vast number of genres such as mystery, science fiction, and horror and including elements of surrealism, comedy, and good old-fashioned suspense. However, a parent really should keep their children away from “Felidae”, being that it’s a mature film with mature themes revolving around violence and sex. But inside those themes is a film with a very powerful message, and one really hard to stop thinking about.

“Felidae” features many metaphors, touching on such things as political control, animal brutality, and sexual promiscuity. But its all buried deep down in a film that’s surface is a fascinating and intriguing mystery in which the film’s hero, a cat named Francis, tries his best to piece together the mystery behind the serial killings of local cats; all while battling with his own personal sexual urges and frequent, terrifying nightmares. Many characters he has to face include a blind female cat in which he gathers secret information from, a butch cat who sets his eye on raping the film’s hero with the help of his transsexual lovers, an old man living in a hole surrounded by skeletons claiming the dead walk to him, and a femme fatale kitten who the film’s hero has sex with, only to figure out that there’s more to her than meets the eye.

As I stated, “Felidae” covers very mature themes, but its all relevant to its message, and when the film ends (minus the last 30 seconds which are, in my opinion, a bit bogus) it was practically impossible to shake off what I had just saw. It’s a one-of-a-kind film, with one of the scariest scenes I have ever witnessed in an animated film, and is surely, in its own unique way, a masterpiece.


~ by jerkwoddjh on May 11, 2009.

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  1. Two more names are worth to be mentioned: AKIF PIRINCCI, the brilliant author of the original book. And HAYO FREITAG, sequence director, designer, animator of “…one of the scariest scenes I have ever witnessed in an animated film…”.

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