DESCENT (Talia Lugacy, 2007)

A compelling, honest, daring, and unforgettable psychological horror film that touches on the painful experiences of pain caused by rape – “Descent” is a film that went under-the-radar due to its lack of distribution because, frankly, the film is so brutal in its depictions, that if it had been released theatrically, it may have met itself to some strong biased hate.

The film deserves to be discovered for, not only its dark themes, and not only for its amazing direction and authentic style – but most of all for its performances. Chad Faust is absolutely stunning, bringing enough sickness and enough vulnerability to make one, not relate to, but understand this fractured man with a twisted perspective on his sexuality with not only the women he rapes, but also the fragile insecurities deep within his own self. It’s a supporting performance that is so complex, brave, and emotional on Faust’s part. And hard to forget.

However, the standout is Rosario Dawson, whose performance here is an absolute revelation. A tour-de-force of realistic dramatic tics, and one of the most subtle, yet loud-as-can-be performances in quite some time. While Dawson is seen in some good supporting performances in some great-to-bad films, she proves here she has what it takes to deliver some emotionally sweeping and moving performances, believably and thematically.

One of the best films of its year (and 2007 was a strong one) – had this underrated and intelligent film hit theatrical release, I would be screaming praises for it, as well as Dawson and Faust. Too bad it was way too blunt for a widespread appeal. Films like this deserve better!


~ by jerkwoddjh on May 11, 2009.

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